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Housing fears confirmed: Trump budget considers $6 billion cut to HUD funding

March 9th, 2017
Over the past few weeks, President Donald Trump and Congress considered different massive budget cuts in order to increase military spending, leaving some fearful that the cuts could impact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

As it turns out, their fears were confirmed as reports now show the Trump administration is considering more than $6 billion in cuts at HUD, according to an article by Jose DelReal for The Washington Post.

But this isn’t the first time the department has seen cuts. In 2013 sequestration, the Obama administration eliminated 100,000 housing vouchers, which Congress later began to restore in 2014 and 2015, according to an article by Douglas Rice for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

This cut would go towards Trump’s goal to cut domestic spending by $54 billion, and could decrease HUD’s budget 14% to $40.5 billion in fiscal 2018, which begins in October, according to the Post's article.

From the article:

About $1.3 billion would be cut from the public housing capital fund, under the preliminary plan — when compared to funding in 2016 — and an additional $600 million would be cut from the public housing operating fund.

And the industry is not happy with the proposed cuts. Republican political consultant Shermichael Singleton, who worked for HUD and portrayed himself on Twitter as Ben Carson’s communications director before being fired for his critical views of Trump, tweeted his thoughts on the proposed cuts.

This is absolutely absurd to me and will only hurt millions of poor Americans living in urban, rural, and Indian communities. https://t.co/ofS0zlc0S8
— Shermichael (@Shermichael_) March 9, 2017

And he’s not along in his sentiments. Diane Yentel, National Low Income Housing Coalition president and CEO, was also critical of the cuts.

Here's how to Make America Homeless Again. https://t.co/AyDMPxUEqk
— Diane Yentel (@dianeyentel) March 9, 2017

A former HUD deputy assistant secretary for public affairs, McPherson Square Group CEO Brandon Friedman, also took to Twitter to stand against the proposed cuts.

With a capital needs backlog among 1.2 million public housing units--totaling tens of *billions* of dollars--they want to cut funding.
— Brandon Friedman (@BFriedmanDC)  
Article Source: Housingwire News