Buyer’s Strategy

Buying a home is the most important buying decision a person will ever make. Not only will it be your home, but also a major investment. There should be extensive thought put into what type of home you want, your budget and location before you begin your search. This will help narrow the search and save you tons of time. Below is a short checklist for buying a home

Tips and tricks for oklahoma home buyers

  • How Much Home Can I Afford? You should sit down and figure how what your budget is. The easiest method probably is to set a monthly payment limit. Once this is done, you can see what the maximum purchase price of your future home is by using the current mortgage rates.
  • Loan Preapproval – Your next step is to get pre-qualified for a home loan. This will let you know also what amount you qualify for a home loan.
  • Begin Your Search – Now that you know how much you can afford, you should decide on a location. Many people are open to different areas, and some are set to a specific city or town. If you can narrow it down to a specific county or metropolitan area, it will be much easier. You will find also that real estate prices can vary greatly between two cities in the same area, therefore you could afford more home by moving slightly outside of town.

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