Frequently Asked Questions
About Flat-Fee MLS Listings

96.5% of our listings listed and sold were due to an agent procuring the buyer. This is the POWER of the MLS!

Let’s say a person without a realtor reaches out to you directly (from your yard sign). That person would be considered ‘your buyer.’ In this scenario, you would not pay a buyer’s broker commission because a buyer’s realtor isn’t involved in the transaction, and the buyer is unrepresented.

No. If you find the buyer, you do not pay the buyer’s broker commission being offered on your listing in the MLS.

No, you only pay the flat fee at the time of listing. You owe nothing further at or after closing for listing your property on the MLS.

The buyer’s realtor will refer to the showing instructions in your MLS listing. Realtors will use a convenient automated showing service, ShowingTime. It is an excellent tool for both sellers on the MLS and realtors. ShowingTime also reaches out to the showing realtor for feedback, which is available to the seller. If you prefer not to use ShowingTime, you can communicate directly with realtors about scheduling your showings and for feedback.

If the buyer has a realtor, the buyer’s realtor shows the house.

Yes. You can submit your changes using a MLS Change Form. Unlike other companies, there is never a charge for listing changes.

Offers will be submitted directly to you. We provide detailed offer submission instructions in your MLS listing so agents will know how to submit all offers.

Other websites say being in the same state as your listing broker isn’t essential. However, it is important to know that your listing broker is familiar with the Tulsa, OKC, or NEO MLS systems and is current on the state-required documents. Another advantage to being in the same state as the listing broker is that it enables a smoother working relationship between the buyer’s realtor and the listing broker.

Through our seller’s program, you can have a licensed broker handle your side of the transaction without paying the traditional 6% listing broker commission. You can upgrade your listing for a $2,000 flat-fee (collected at the closing). If your property doesn’t sell/close, you don’t pay the upgrade fee.

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